Most corrupt, backwoods, racist, incestuous, county in upstate N.Y.

Time to "Drain the Swamp"

Most corrupt, backwoods, racist, incestuous, county in upstate N.Y.

Time to "Drain the Swamp"

These are the "wood chucks" WHO'S BEHAVIOR IS THE MOST BIZARRE DISPLAY OF CORRUPTION IN MODERN HISTORY. Setting our criminal justice system back years!

Judge Gerald Keene


Tampered with evidence & witnesses in Cal Harris Trials. Now subject of massive lawsuits filed in Federal Court that will cost Tax Payers of Tioga County millions of dollars. Lied to everyone in the community.

DA Kirk Martin


Caught sexually harassing young women pressuring them for sex and soliciting prostitutes. 3 serious DWI's crashing his car drunk in the Village endangering the lives of everyone in the county. 

Sheriff Gary Howard


The "Double Standard" sheriff letting his fellow public officials, like Kirk Martin, off the hook for serious crimes. Two sets of laws in Tioga County one for the "Good ol' Boy" club and one for everyone else.

NYSP Sue Andrews Mulvey


Most despicable individual to ever wear a badge. Caught tampering with evidence in Cal Harris case as well as dozens of others. Destroying lives of countless individuals. Subject of massive lawsuit against NYSP.

See lawsuit below

NYSP Steve Anderson


"Forensic" tech at Troop C also caught tampering with evidence in Cal Harris case as well as dozens of others and lying on the witness stand. Subject of massive lawsuit filed in Federal Court against NYSP.

NYSP Terry Shultz


Investigator at Troop C also part of massive evidence tampering by entire unit uncovered by special prosecutor Nelson Roth. Google "Roth Report NYSP Troop C". Worst display of corruption in NYS history.

Commander William McEvoy


Only at Troop C could someone be promoted to the top spot after being caught coercing a false confession out of a 15 year old boy that sent him to prison only to be found innocent.

See law suit below

NYSP Mark Lester


Captain at Troop C also caught tampering with evidence in the Cal Harris trials as well as dozens of others. Subject of massive lawsuit filed in Federal court that will cost taxpayers millions of dollars. 

NYSP Mike Young


Investigator on the Cal Harris case who's job was to harass the Harris children by going to their school and embarrassing them in front of classmates. They were 7, 6, & 4 at the time.

Mr. "Cool" real class act. 

We are exposing the most bizarre display of "BackWoods" justice in upstate N.Y.



Cal Harris lawsuits filed in Federal court will show the extremes Gerald Keene and Sue Andrews Mulvey tampered with evidence to get a conviction. 

Gerald Keene and Steve Anderson


This video shows Gerald Keene and Steve Anderson sitting around a conference table with their "expert witness" Henry Lee. All are laughing about tampering with the evidence in the upcoming Cal Harris trials. Henry Lee is coaching them on how to deceive the jurors. 

Henry Lee and Sue Andrews Mulvey


This video shows Sue Andrews Mulvey presenting Henry Lee with photographs from inside Cal Harris's residence. These photographs were intentionally "altered" by Sue Andrews Mulvey to misrepresent the "crime scene" presented to the juries in all four of Cal Harris's trials.   

Watch this video showing the conversation from above caption

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Here are court documents showing the level of bizarre "backwoods" corruption in tioga county by elected officials and law enforcement.



In this 3 page court document Kirk Martin is caught lying about his criminal behavior. Lying about his 3 DWI's where he crashed his car drunk multiple times in the very community he was supposed to protect. Worse Gerald Keene and Gary Howard did nothing. In fact Gary Howard had one of his deputies hide Kirk Martin's wrecked vehicle. 

The areas blacked out are the names of the women Kirk Martin sexually harassed and solicited for sex abusing his power in the DA's office.


Sue Andrews Mulvey & William McEvoy Law Suit

In this decision the Judge finds Mulvey & McEvoy coerced a false confession out of a 15 year old boy that sent him to prison. The boy's conviction was overturned years later when the real criminal confessed to the crime. The boy and his family received a paltry $150,000 in damages.


Terry Shultz Troop C Investigator

In this case Terry Shultz is caught on video camera filing a false police report during an arrest of Cal Harris for "Stalking" in front of Terry Shultz home at 143 Forest Lane, West Oneonta N.Y. 13861. The video shows Cal Harris sitting in his vehicle minding his own business while Terry Shultz approaches his vehicle and starts harassing and verbally assaulting him. 

Video of Shultz harassing harris yet arresting him for same.

Shultz10 (MOV)